Salli Twin

The Salli Twin is one of the entrance level stools from the range. The first thing to note is that, despite the cheaper price, the Twin has all the key functionality and aesthetics that has made the Salli become one of the most recognised stools in the world. Most notably, the stool has the patented split shaped seat top, gas stem and base as all the other stools. The seat is designed to facilitate an upright position by tilting the pelvis forwards. It is still possible to slouch on this type of stool, but what you notice when sitting on the saddle is that because of the change of position of the pelvis you tend to want to sit in a more upright position. Another key feature is the trademark split in the saddle, which is designed to make sitting much more comfortable by redistributing pressure away from important blood vessels and nerves in the perineum to the sitting bones. The Twin has one single lever that allows you to adjust the sitting height. In addition, you can get the Twin with an adjustable tilting function which allows you to change the pelvis tilt during the day. This does not cost a lot extra and we highly recommend this extra function because the flexibility to change pelvis position enables you to redistribute the forces going through the spine during the day. In turn, this may reduce the risk of over stressing one particular part of your back. Unlike the Multiadjuster, the Twin has a fixed split seat width which means you cannot adjust the angle or the width between two parts of the Saddle. We have found that men over 5ft 8 are better off having a fixed width because the maximal distance between the two sides gives better support for the thighs during sitting. If you are under 5ft 6 or have a narrow pelvis you may find an adjustable split much more comfortable.

Because we have the widest range of Salli Stools in the UK, we have developed a Salli trial system that enables you to try a stool for 2 weeks in your own home or workplace. This no risk trial has been incredibly successful in helping ensure all of our clients truly get products that work in their environment. To find out about our no risk trial please contact us.

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Excl. VAT: £423.33 Incl. VAT: £508.00

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Excl. VAT: £423.33 Incl. VAT: £508.00

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The Range Explained

Salli have over 10 different stools for a range of different working environments and budgets. However, 95% of customers will select their chair from 4 different options called the Twin, Multiadjuster, Swing and Swing Fit. The first thing to note is that all the stools have the same shaped seat top, gas stem and base. The Twin is the entrance level stool and has a single lever that allows the stool to go up and down. The Multiadjuster has an additional forward and backwards tilting function and an adjustable split seat. The Swing and Swing Fit are the new stools in the range. Both stools incorporate a spring in the top of the seat allowing the seat top to literally move slightly in every direction that you transfer your body weight in. The only difference between the Swing Fit and Swing is that you can adjust the split seat width and angle on the Swing Fit but not on the Swing. To help work out which stool will be right for you please take advantage of a Salli stool telephone consultation from one of our experts. You can contact the Fluto team on 0203 0510157 or use the contact form

Ergonomic Adjustability

  • Patented split seat design for optimal posture pressure distribution and upright posture
  • Seat height adjustment


  • Available in a wide range of fabrics. For more information on the fabric options please see thumbnails above. It is also possible to design your own by clicking on the configurator. Simply create your ideal Salli design, email it to us and we will attempt to give you the very best price possible
  • It is possible to select the stools with either a black aluminium or chrome finish base and gas stem.


  • All Salli stools come with a standard guarantee of 10 years.

Optional Accessories

  • There are a wide range of accessories available for Salli stools. It is worth noting that not all accessories are available with all stools and so it is worth contacting us if you are interested in getting a Salli accessory. You can learn more about Salli accessories by contacting us. You can contact the Fluto team on 0203 0510157 or use the contact form
  • Seat Height Small (for users under 160cm tall)
  • Seat Height Medium (for users 160-180cm tall)
  • Seat Height Large (for users over 180cm tall)
  • Total width of seat: 435mm
  • Forwards/backwards length of seat: 380mm
  • Total weight: 10.5 kg
  • Seat weight: 7.5 kg
  • Base diameter: 540mm

The key measurements that we need to know are the users:

  • Height
  • Leg length

If you or your client are planning to use the stool with a workstation it is crucial to ensure that the workstation will work for the higher Salli sitting position. If you have a height adjustable desk you can easily adjust the desk height for the new sitting height. If you have a fixed desk however, it is definitely worth contacting us to ensure the stool will fit.You can contact the Fluto team on 0203 0510157 or use the contact form