Orthopedic Mattresses FAQ

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When should I change my mattress?

There are no exact rules on when you should change a mattress. As a rough guide, a pocket spring mattress is thought to work optimally for 7-10 years. In contrast, a memory foam mattress can last up to 20 years. Many people change their mattress when it starts to slump and feels less supportive. Other common reasons for changing the mattress include lumpiness, coils pushing through etc.

Which orthopedic mattresses should I go for?

The best advice is to go and try a range of different orthopedic mattresses and see how comfortable they feel to lie down on. There are two main types of orthopedic mattresses that you are more likely to come across including memory foam mattresses and pocket spring mattresses. Memory foam is designed to gently conform to the shape of your body. Pocket springs are made up of a core of coil springs and an outer layer of padding and damask coating. The type and number of coils will affect how supportive it feels. It is also possible to buy a mattress that incorporates foam and springs. For example the: Flexcell pocket 1000.

When buying orthopedic mattresses it is also advisable to get one that is covered by a guarantee for at least 5 years. It is also worth remembering that the guarantee will be made void if the mattress has not been well maintained.

How can you look after orthopedic mattresses?

1) Make sure you place orthopaedic mattress on a firm base of matching size.

2) Rotate it once a month

3) Try not to let orthopedic mattresses get wet (this will increase the risk of mildew developing)

Where can I buy orthopedic matresses?

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