About the Postureform Mattress

Find out how the Postureform Mattress range can transform your sleeping at a very reasonable price.

The Reflex foam: All of the range is made from extremely high quality British Vita Reflex foam. Reflex foam is designed to give a good level of support without compromising on the comfort of the sleeping experience. The polyurethane that makes up the reflex foam is very long lasting giving a firmness that will last for many years.

The Damask covering: All of the mattresses in the range are covered by a damask cover, which is not only very durable but feels very comfortable on the skin. The cover has also been designed to stop dust mites and other allergens making it great for people prone to allergies.

The Durability: None of the mattresses in the range are made from springs, which means the mattress will last a lot longer before it will need replacing. Our confidence in the durability of these mattresses is reflected in the 5 year guarantee on this range.

The Speed: All the range can be delivered on a next day delivery service and so you won’t need to wait long before being able to enjoy a better night’s sleep.

The Range:  Our range of mattresses includes:

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