Orthopedic Mattresses

You spend 12 hours a day sleeping and so isn’t it time to get an Orthopedic Mattress that takes care of your spine?

The name Orthopedic Mattress is an umbrella term for mattresses that have been designed to care for your back and neck. There are several different types of orthopedic mattress including:

  • Memory Foam: These mattresses include a layer of pressure relieving visco-elastic foam that will mould to the contours of your body.
  • Pocket Spring: As the name suggests, pocket spring mattresses include a number of small springs housed in a number of fabric pockets. The springs have been designed to work independently so that they can respond to your individual body shape.
  • Hybrid: Increasingly manufacturers are combining memory-foam and pocket springs so that people can experience the benefits of both materials.

Our orthopedic mattress range:

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