Memory foam toppers FAQs

What are memory foam toppers?

Memory foam toppers look like thin versions of mattresses that can be put on top of an existing mattress (that has become too firm) in order to make it feel more comfortable.

How thick are memory foam toppers?

There are a range of different types with different thicknesses. As you might expect, the comfort and the price of the topper increases as you increase its thickness. At Fluto we can supply several types of topper including the 4cm thick topper (Flexcell 400) and the 6cm topper (Flexcell 600).

How long do they last?

The lifespan of your topper will depend to some degree on the quality of the foam inside. High density visco material has a longer lifespan, whilst very cheap low density material is thought to have a much more limited lifespan. Look out for a topper that has a guarantee. For example the Flexcell range has a 5 year guarantee

There are also some very simple things you can do to preserve the life of your topper

  • Don't let it get damp
  • Make sure it completely overlays the mattress
  • Don't overload it

What material are they made from?

They are made from a polymeric visco elastic material. This material is formed with open cells that give the topper its soft and high-energy absorption characteristics.

Am I better off getting a topper or a completely new mattress?

We often get asked this one. What we normally advise is

1) If the mattress has become less comfortable but is still in reasonable shape it is worth considering a topper

2) If the mattress has completely sagged or has become rock hard, a topper may not solve the problem and you would be better off buying a new mattress