Memory Foam Mattress FAQ

What is a memory foam mattress?

The Memory foam mattress is made from a temperature sensitive material that resists changes to its shape and slowly returns to its original shape when forced to change its shape. Tests have shown that a memory foam mattress can help spread pressure over a greater surface area and conform to body shape, thereby reducing pressure points and increasing sleeping comfort.

Why is the memory foam mattress so comfortable?

There are several reasons why the memory foam mattress is so comfortable. Firstly, the visco elastic cells deform when weight is applied to them. Since these cells have holes in them (open cells), they compress and spread their air pressure to other cells. The spread of pressure to a greater number of cells reduces the pressure that you feel on specific parts of your body and allows the material to more effectively conform to your body's shape.

What type of memory foam mattress should I go for?

It is important to know that the quality of mattresses is dependent on the density of the memory foam. Some of the cheaper mattresses will use a much lower density form of memory foam and so it is worth checking how high the density of memory foam is when you are thinking about making your purchase. Please note that all of the Flexcell range is made from high density memory foam.

Will it cure my back problem?

Most people sleep for between 6-10 hours a day and so getting the right bed furniture is very important. However, since lots of factors can contribute to back pain you will also need to think about a range of lifestyle modifications including:

  • Avoiding activities that provoke back pain
  • Staying active
  • Make sure you have an ergonomically designed workstation
  • Maintain ytour core stability muscles

For specific advice on managing your back pain we advise you to speak to a physiotherapist.

Where can I buy one?

We can supply a range of mattresses to you including the Flexcell range. Some of the most popular mattresses in this range include

  • Flexcell 500
  • Flexcell pocket 1200
  • Flexcell 25 evolution