Manual Handling

manual handling

What is manual handling?

There are a number of definitions of Manual Handling. In simple terms, it includes any transportation of a load from one position to another position.

Do I need to do a manual handling risk assessment?

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999), states that employers are required to assess risks to the health and safety of their employers whilst they are at work. In addition, the 1992 manual handling operations regulations state that there is a requirement to undertake manual handling risk assessments for manual handling tasks.

Is there anything I can use to help me with a manual handling risk assessment?

Yes! The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have developed a Manual handling assessment chart (MAC) which has been designed to help individuals identify manual handling activities that carry a higher risk of injury. For more information on the MAC tool please visit the MAC page

Do I always need to perform a manual handling assessment?

Whilst the importance of managing manual handling risk cannot be overstated, the HSE acknowledge that assessing every manual handling operation that takes place in your business may be extremely time consuming and is not always necessary. In order to help you identify the handling activities that involve greater risk the HSE have developed a MAC tool.

Does the MAC constitute as a full risk assessment?

It is important to remember that the MAC does not constitute a full risk assessment. For activities that are identified as higher risk therefore it may be helpful to get advice from a manual handling specialist