Frequently asked questions about the Kneel Chair

Sit Kneel Chairs

We appreciate that your Kneel Chair is a very important investment and so we think it is important to give you the very best information available on your decision making journey. Our section on frequently asked questions about the Kneel Chair is designed to inform you about the Kneel Chair in terms of what it is designed for, how you can try it for free etc.

If you still have any questions please just call us on 0203 051 0157. Alternatively, you can email your question directly to and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible (most of the time we will be able to contact you back within 10-20 minutes).

How will a Kneel Chair improve my posture?

Kneeler Chairs have been designed to change the angle of the thighs relative to your trunk to about 60-70 degrees. This is in contrast to office chairs where the angle is around 90 degrees. By dropping the thighs, the pelvis is able to rotate forwards slightly which increases the natural curve of the lower back (lordosis). In turn, the increased curve at the bottom of the spine can improve the alignment of the middle and upper part of the spine.

How long should I sit on a Kneel Chair?

With any of our sit kneel chairs we recommend that you do not sit for more than 90 minutes without a break. The Varier Multi is the ideal Kneel Chair for short periods of time (up to 60 minutes at a time). The Varier Variable and Varier Thatsit can be used for much longer periods. However, as with all sit kneel chairs we do suggest that you have a break from your Kneeler and have a stretch/walk around for a few minutes every 60-90 minutes.

Can I try a Kneel Chair for free?

Yes - you can try any chairs from our range at our physiotherapy led sitting clinic in Kent. Click to find out more about our sitting clinic. If you want a longer trial, please contact us for details on a 7 day trial.

What size of Kneel Chair will I need?

Most of the different types of Kneel Chair on the market have been designed to fit 90% of body shapes and sizes. There are occasional exceptions which will be noted on the individual product.

What is beneficial about the rocking motion of a Kneel Chair?

The rocking motion of kneel stools allows you to gently exercise muscles in your trunk and legs during the day. This activity is excellent not only for promoting circulation, but also helps maintain some of the back stabilising muscles in your body. Beyond the physical health benefits of active sitting, people also find the rocking motion incredibly relaxing - which can make working that little bit more pleasant!

How much weight will go on my shins during sitting on the Kneel Chair?

Contrary to what some people believe, when you sit on Kneeling stools or a Kneeling Posture Stool, most of your weight will be distributed through your buttocks. A small amount of force will also be directed through your shins.

What sort of padding should I go for?

Some of the cheaper types of Kneeling chairs come with thin upholstery on the seats made with low density foam. This foam of a Kneeling Posture Office Chair does not always provide enough cushioning, which can make sitting less comfortable. We recommend you stick with Kneeling chairs that have high density foam in the upholstery - please note that the Varier Range of Kneeling Chairs come with high density foam.

How long does it take to get used to a Kneel chair?

Using a Kneeling stool encourages you to completely change the way you sit and so it is not surprising that most people will require a small adjustment period to get used to the new position. In the first few days of using the stool, you might notice your legs and back muscles feeling a bit achy at the end of the day. On Sit Kneel Chairs this happens because the soft tissues in your body are getting used to being in a different position. In order to make the transition period as easy as possible, we recommend that you increase the amount of time you sit on the Kneeler stool gradually.

  • Day 1/2 -30 to 60 minutes
  • Day 3 - 90 minutes
  • Day 4 - 90 minutes
  • Day 5 - 120 minutes
  • Day 6 - 120 minutes