Grahl Duoback Chair FAQ

Grahl Duoback Chair FAQ

Who the makes Grahl Duoback Chair

The Duoback is manufactured by a specialist ergonomic furniture manufacturer in Germany called Grahl.

Do I have to pay to have my Grahl Duoback chair delivered?

No, there is no charge at all for delivery of the Grahl Duoback chair.

Are there any added costs of the Grahl Duoback chair?

No, the price you see listed next to the product includes VAT and there are no other added costs to consider.

What colours does the Grahl Duoback chair come in?

We can offer you a range of different colours and fabrics including the Nano technology range, the Urban Collection range and the Camira Xtreme plus range. By far the most popular fabric is the Camira Xtreme plus range and the most popular colour is black.

What size should I go for?

Because most components of the chair are adjustable it is suitable for most sizes and shapes. As a standard, most of the chairs are designed for a maximum weight of 18 stone. If you weigh more than 18 stone just let us know and we will be able to get a chair adapted for you. Alternatively, we can point you towards a more suitable chair. If you are taller than 6ft 4 please let us know as we will be able to advise you on the taller chairs.

Can we deliver abroad?

It is possible for us to deliver abroad. Please click to find out about our worldwide delivery option.

How do the back rests feel to start with?

If you are used to a standard back rest, you may find the duo back dynamic backrest feels quite different to start with. It is even possible that you may get a little bit of aching in the spine during the first few days of using this type of chair. This feeling is quite normal and disappears as your back gets used to the new sitting position.

Why has this range of chairs been nicknamed the Hugger chair?

The nickname has come about because as you lean back on the chairs the back rests gently contour around you gently hugging the spine.

How long does the warranty last?

All components of the chair have a warranty of 5 years.

How much do new parts cost?

We appreciate that these chairs are a really important investment and so we make sure you can access spare parts outside your warranty period. For more information on the spare parts and accessories please contact us.