Flexcell Memory Foam Mattress FAQ

What are the advantages of getting a Flexcell memory foam mattress?

There are a range of different types of mattresses on the market and so it is important to think carefully about the best one for you. The benefits of getting a Flexcell memory foam mattress include:

  • Comfort: We only use high density visco elastic foam which is incredibly comfortable to lie on.
  • Price: Our prices are much better than other mattresses on the market such as Tempur.
  • Confidence: All the products in the range come with a 5 year guarantee.
  • Service: Most mattresses will arrive 1-2 days after your order.

Who makes the Flexcell memory foam mattress?

A company called Breasley Consumer Products Ltd. Breasley have been established in the UK over 35 years and have become a leading manufacturer of mattresses.

How long will my Flexcell memory foam mattress be guaranteed?

The guarantee is for 5 years.

What will my Flexell memory foam mattress feel like?

The first difference you will notice is that when you lie down the Flexcell memory foam mattress will not spring against you like normal mattresses; instead it will gently mould around the contours of your body.

Why should I use Fluto Ltd to buy a Flexcell memory foam mattress?

Fluto Ltd is a well respected ergonomics company run by Charted Physiotherapists. We only sell products that we truly believe in and have an excellent customer service record. We offer a personalised service and will answer any questions you have before, during and after the sale. Why not test us by calling 0203 051 0157 or email us at info@fluto.co.uk and we will answer any queries you have. As well as providing you with excellent customer service we also try to offer the best possible price on all of our products.

Where can I view the Flexcell memory foam mattress range?

You can click on individual products in the Flexcell range below:

Pocket 1000

Pocket 1200

Pocket 1600

Pocket 2000