Salli Saddle Chair

Salli chair in use

The Salli Saddle Chair has a revolutionary design that completely changes the way that you sit. The forward angled Salli Saddle Chair saddle seat helps keep the pelvis tilted forwards and the back in an upright position.

This Ergonomic Saddle Chair has a riding-like position is designed to promote better posture and to encourage active sitting - exercising the muscles around the abdomen and back.

Since we are the distributors of Salli System products in the UK and Ireland, please note that we cannot offer the Best Price Promise on Salli Saddle stools or height adjustable desks.

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What are Salli saddle chairs designed to do?

The unique split seat design has been developed to improve circulation around the lower body and is suited for both male and female users. The sitting position on the Salli Saddle Chair / Ergonomic Saddle Chair increases weight bearing through the legs, which makes it much easier to move it with minimal leg effort. This advanced manoeuvrability makes it ideal for professionals who need to move around when they are sitting, such as dentists, therapists, hairdressers, artists, assembly workers, office workers etc.

Salli Videos - see the revolutionary stool in use!
Fluto Videos - Dr Timothy Peter demonstrates

A brief overview of the Salli Swing:

A comparison of these two ergonomic stools - Swing and Multiadjuster:

A brief demonstration of the removable seat cover:

Dr Timothy Peter with a brief overview of the Salli Multi Adjuster

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