RH Chairs

Design Principles

The story began in 1977 when Rolf Holstensson started developing the first RH chairs in Sweden. Rolph’s inspiration is reported to stem from his own experience of not being comfortable during sitting. Whilst there was not much ergonomics research back then, Rolph knew he was not alone and set about finding a better way of sitting. Since its inception the brand has come to the forefront of ergonomic chair design and now supplies its seating to countries throughout Europe including England, Norway, Finland, Netherlands and Denmark.

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Whilst the chairs continue to evolve and stay at the cutting of ergonomic design the founding principles are the same: optimal ergonomics, movement, durability and environmental awareness. One of the key innovations supporting these principles is the integration of 2PP™ technology. The trademarked 2PP™ technology is designed to facilitate upright posture and active sitting through the use of smart integrated chair mechanics. The best way to appreciate 2PP™ technology is to see it in action by clicking here. There are two articulation points positioned in close proximity to the hip and knee joints. More specifically, the first articulation point is located just behind the knees. This pivot point literally transforms the movement of the chair and enables the user to maintain a gentle oscillation in the chair whilst minimising pressure on the thighs and keeping their feet on the floor. The best way to describe how this feels is that the chair gently follows your movements whilst you maintain your position in the chair. The second articulation point, which is close to the hip joint, allows independent movement of the back rest which means the user can alter the backrest angle without disrupting the optimal backrest height that has been set.

RH Chair range explained

There are a wide range of models in the range including:

  • RH Logic 400/RH Logic 300 - these chairs are the most popular in the RH family and have become the remedial chair of choice, recommended for people with specific muscoskeletal injuries.
  • RH Logic 4/RH Logic 3 - Essentially the Logic 4 and 3 are the original Logic seats. The 400 and 300 models were then developed as the new versions of the 4 and 3 respectively. All the chairs have almost identical functionality except for the position of the adjustment levers and some other minor differences.
  • RH Mereo - this is the latest task seating offering. It has a number of the adjustable features from the Logic range, but some new precision engineering has resulted in an improved rocking mechanism. Because it doesn’t have inflatable lumbar support it is less commonly used as a remedial chair.
  • RH Activ - is the entrance level option that still has a range of good ergonomic features and is suitable for a wide range of users.
  • RH Extend - This chair ideal for the office. It has simple adjustment and incorporates 2PP technology.
  • Environmental Philosophy

    Another core principle embraced by the manufacturers is sustainable, environmentally friendly manufacturing. All of the parts of an RH chair are 100 per cent recyclable. The metals in the chairs can also be recycled multiple times. The majority of the chair’s components are made from recycled materials whilst replaceable backrests and seat pads mean that the whole chair doesn’t need replacing when replacing upholstery. As regards packaging - the cardboard boxes used by RH are made of 50 per cent recycled material. Beyond their own manufacturing commitments, RH Chairs ensure that their suppliers meet stringent environmental criteria, so you can be confident that your chair is environmentally sound.


    Another principle which separates RH chairs from nearly all other chairs in the market is their durability. Using the latest testing technology the design team have built the chair to be extremely durable and robust. This is why all chairs in the range come with a 10 year guarantee. Please note that this testing is done based on a usage pattern of 8 hours a day.

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    RH Logic 400

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    RH Logic 4

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    RH Logic 3

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