Varier Kneeling Chairs

The Concept

Back Kneeler Varier Kneeling chairs offer a whole new experience to office seating. Unlike the typical office chair, Office Kneeler chairs are designed to encourage a more upright posture during sitting without the need of a back rest and lumbar support. More (toggle)

The Design

Normal office kneeler chairs position your hips approximately 90 degrees to your trunk which can encourage slumping and poor posture. In contrast, a back kneeler chair drops the thighs to approximately 60 to 70 degrees from the trunk which can help improve the natural curvature of your lower back during sitting. Back kneeler chairs also have a lower pad that provides an added level of support below the knee.

The New Features

Whilst most Kneeler Chairs follow the same basic design there are some fantastic new features that have been developed.

  • Rocking Mechanism: Some of the new Back Kneeler Chair products have been developed with a convex base which act as rockers. Together these allow the user to gently rock whilst they are on the seat. Not only can this be incredibly relaxing but it also enables the users to gently exercise their muscles during the day.
  • Back Rest: Whilst the design of kneeler chairs should eliminate the need for a back rest, we also understand that some people like to use a back rest from time to time particularly if you have been sitting for a long period of time. The Thatsit and Variable can be purchased with optional backrests for extra back support.
  • Multiple adjustments: The newer kneelers have a number of adjustments which allow you to alter the height of the chair according to your size and the size of the table you are sitting at.

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  • Varier Variable kneeling chair

    Varier Variable

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  • Varier Thatsit kneeling chair

    Varier Thatsit

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  • Varier Multi kneeling chair

    Varier Multi

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  • Varier wing kneeling chair


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