Corporate ergonomics service....

Over the years our customers have often asked us what chair will best suit their staff. Unsurprisingly, there is no one chair fits all solution and it depends on a host of factors which differ between individual, work type and work environment.  Whilst the choice can be difficult, the impact of the right choice is unequivocal. Sound workplace ergonomics is an investment not a cost, through improved productivity and a reduction in the incidence of occupational musculoskeletal injuries.

We have no off the shelf recommendations and our advice will always be bespoke to your requirements and budget. Our independent status means we are not tied by any single manufacturer or range of products.  We regularly source new product lines based on our customers’ demands and our prices are best in class.

Should you require further future advice, our ergonomic furniture specialists are always on hand to help. We can help you design business cases for large scale procurement or liaise directly with your occupational health advisors to deal with specialist health problems.

What next?

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