Ergonomic Desks

When choosing an ergonomic desk there are a number of important considerations including:

Ergonomic Desk Height You need to make sure that your legs fit comfortably underneath the desk. Clearance for the legs, under the desktop, should generally be between 20-28 inches (50-72 cm) high. If this is not the case, you can always consider using desk raisers to increase the height of the desk. Recently, the development of electric desks now enables you to automatically adjust the height of the desk for the type of task that you need to complete.

Ergonomic Desk Depth: You need to make sure you can put the monitor far enough away from your seating position. It has been suggested that the monitor should be at least 20 inches away from the front of your head.

Ergonomic Desk Design: It is worth remembering that whilst sharp lines may make a desk look sleek, hard surface edges can increase the stress on your upper limb joints (in particular the wrist joint) during keyboarding. It is also worth noting that you can soften the edges of desks with foam padding and wrist rests.

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