CG locks FAQ

CG Locks FAQ

How do CG locks work?

CG locks have been designed to enable you to tighten up the lap portion of your seat belt. This extra tightness keeps the hips and spine in a much more stable and comfortable position for as long as necessary.

Why are CG locks good for back pain?

By securely holding the hips and spine in one position during driving, CG locks can help reduce the number of sudden movements of the spine during accelerating, braking and turning. In turn, reducing these sudden distortions of the spine can reduce back pain.

How do I install CG-Locks?

One of the great things about CG locks is the ease of installation, which takes less than 5 minutes and does not require any specific tools except for an Allen key.

How do I use CG-locks?

The first thing to do is to make sure you are in a good position. To do this make sure you are not slouching and your back is pushed snugly against the back rest. Once in this position you are ready to connect the seatbelt. You can now use the lever on the CG lock to take in any slack on the lap portion of the seatbelt. If you make the lap belt too tight all you have to do is rotate the thumb lever down whilst lifting the hip nearest the lock slightly and the belt will loosen off.

Do CG locks work for passengers sitting in the back seats?


Why should we buy CG-locks from you?

There are several important reasons why we think you should purchase your CG locks from us:

Price: We pride ourselves on offering excellent prices.

Customer Service: Quite simply our customer service is second to none. Both before and after your purchase you can call us any time and we will be able to run through any questions you have, however small they may seem.

Security: We take your security very seriously. All online payment details are routed through the Paypal secure terminal. In addition, all customer registration details are protected with the latest secure socket layer technology.