What is the idea behind the ball chair?

Most flat chairs are very stable to sit on. In contrast, the rounded shape of ball chairs means that your body is slightly less stable during sitting, which in turn makes a number of muscles in the trunk and spine work harder to keep you in a good position. The idea is that by working these muscles more they will eventually get stronger and more resistant to fatigue, which ultimately, will help improve your posture and reduce the risk of back injury. Sitting on a ball may sound like hard work, but the reality is the body quickly adapts to the change in workload and you won’t even notice you are sitting on the ball after a few days.

Where can I buy a ball chair?

At Fluto we sell a range of ball chairs / stable ball seating. For more information on how to buy these chairs please click on Sitness Balls Chairs.

What makes the Sitness ball chair so special?

The ball chair from Sitness has a number of outstanding features including

  • the ball pressure can be changed to suit different weights and needs
  • the sleek design looks great in a number of different environments including the home, waiting rooms and the office.
  • the solid metal feet  stop the ball from rolling away
  • the stylish upholstery has been developed for excellent durability

Are there different types of Sitness ball chair?

Yes. We can supply 3 types including the

  • Sitness 5 (55cm)
  • Sitness 6  (58cm)
  • Sitness 7 (69-74cm)

The only difference between these chairs is the height of the seat.

Can I change the pressure of the Sitness ball chair?

Yes. Each of the ball chairs comes with an air pump which allows you to adjust the pressure to suit your specific weight and needs.

How much do you charge for delivery of a Sitness ball chair?

Delivery is completely free for this range of ball chairs.

Why is it important to exercise my muscles during sitting on Ball Seating?

In recent years, there has been growing evidence which indicates that core muscles (deep muscle layers that are positioned close to the spine and abdomen) help provide structural support to the spine. A number of researchers believe that maintaining good core strength may help reduce the risk of back injury and improve posture.