Back Support Chair

Back Support Chair

What is a back support chair?

A back support chair is a chair that has been specifically designed to support the spine.

What adjustments are available on a back support chair?

There are a wide variety of possible adjustments that can be made to back supports, which could include any of the following:

  • Backward Inclination: This function allows you to recline the backrest to a specified angle. Most people use this function when they are on the phone, chatting to colleagues or reading.
  • Lumbar Support:  Increasingly, back support chair manufacturers are incorporating inflatable cushions into lumbar supports, which allow the user to personalise the level of lumbar support to their specific needs.
  • Backrest Height: A backrest height adjustment allows you to move the backrest to a specific position in relation to your spine. This can be particularly useful if you have to share a chair with a colleague who is a different size and shape to you. It is worth remembering that if you move the backrest you are also going to be moving the position of lumbar support, which will affect the level of support you get in the lumbar spine.
  • Backrest Width: Some of the more recently developed ergonomic chairs have been designed with thinner back rests. This slim line shape has been developed to give users excellent thoracic support, whilst allowing them to freely move their arms backwards and forwards.

It is still not clear from the research which backrest design features are most important for protecting your spine and so you are advised to try a back support chair before you buy it.

Where can I get a back support chair?

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