Back Furniture: A short guide

What is Back Furniture?

Back furniture is used to describe any type of furniture intended to support the spine during activities of daily living such as sleeping and sitting. There are a range of different types of back furniture that can be broadly classified into 2 categories including:

  • Sitting back furniture
  • Lying back furniture

Sitting back furniture

  • There are a range of ergonomic chairs that are designed to care for the back including:
  • Ergonomic Office Chairs: Good quality ergonomic office chairs will often have a range of adjustable features which enable you to fit the chair to your size and shape. Some of the more common adjustable features include: 
    • seat height adjustment
    • arm rest height adjustment
    • back rest height adjustment
    • back rest tilt adjustment
    • seat pan tilt adjustment
    • seat depth adjustment
    • active tilting
  • Ergonomic Sitting Stools: Ergonomic sitting stools will generally not have a back rest or arm supports. Some researchers have suggested that removing the back rest helps users develop more strength and stability in their trunk during sitting.  One of the most popular ergonomic sitting stools is the Salli Saddle stool. This stool has been developed with a saddle shaped seat top to help promote an upright sitting posture.
  • Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs:  The key distinguishing features of a kneeling chair are the anteriorly tilted seat pan and knee support. Kneel chairs have been designed in this way to allow users to rotate the pelvis forward during sitting, which is supposed to help promote the natural backwards curvature of the spine (in other words this chair has been designed to help you sit more upright). 

Lying back furniture

  • Orthopaedic Mattresses: Broadly speaking there are two main types of mattresses on the market, including memory foam mattresses and pocket spring mattresses.  The material that makes up memory foam is designed to gently conform to the shape of your body during lying. Because pocket spring mattresses are made up of a core of coil springs they will feel slightly firmer than a memory foam mattress. Some of the newer mattresses on the market actually combine both memory foam and pocket springs.
  • Toppers:  Toppers are best described as thin mattresses that can be positioned on top of an existing mattress to make it more comfortable and supportive. 

Where can I get back furniture?

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