Back Chairs

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What are Back Chairs?

Back chairs have been designed to support your spine and help you get you into a good sitting posture. Back chairs will often look quite similar to normal office chairs. The main differences you will notice are the quality of the material used to make the chair and its adjustability. We are all different shapes and sizes and so good adjustability is the key to ensuring the chair fits to your dimensions. Without good adjustability, people will tend to try and fit themselves to the chair and this is where bad posture starts to creep in.

Why should you bother with Back Chairs?

t is very common for office workers to sit for 6-8 hours a day. If your seat is does not support your spine correctly you are likely to be less comfortable which may affect your productivity levels. Extended periods of sitting in a poor posture may even increase your risk of injuring your back. Once you have a back injury you are more at risk of getting injured again and so back chairs are important for people both in preventing the problem happening in the first place and for people with injuries who want to reduce the risk of getting re-injured.

Is my back pain caused by my chair?

There is growing evidence to suggest that back pain is not solely caused by poor sitting posture. It is more likely the result of a combination of a number of physical and psychological factors such as:

  • genetic risk factors
  • poor moving and handling technique
  • a history of previous back injuries
  • obesity
  • stress
  • anxiety

What else can I do for my back?

If you have a back problem, it can be very helpful to see a healthcare professional. One option would be to go to the GP who can then refer you to a specialist who is qualified to look assess and treat your back. If you don’t want to wait for your referral you could opt to see a private practitioner such as physiotherapists, osteopath or chiropractor. In order to ensure the quality of your care, we highly recommend that you check if your specialist who is HPC registered.  If you feel your workplace is contributing to your back pain, we can always put you in contact with a specialist ergonomic Physiotherapist who will be able to assess you in the workplace environment.