About Us

Management Team

Tim Peter Hunter:

Dr Timothy Peter

Dr Tim Peter Hunter (PhD) is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Clinical Scientist with a particular interest in using ergonomic equipment to optimise posture, learning and reduce pain. In 2008, when Tim was completing some physiotherapy research, he was introduced to the field of ergonomics and was simply blown away by the power of using good ergonomic equipment to help reduce and manage musculoskeletal pain.

As he attempted to learn more about ergonomic equipment he became frustrated with the lack of objective, well written educational resources. He thought that, if he wanted better customer support from real ergonomic experts, then the chances were that other people would want the same thing and the idea for a new company was born.

Jez Hunter:

Dr Jez Hunter

Dr Jez Hunter (MD) is a former Royal Marines Officer and technical rescue educator. He founded a Health and Safety Company called RIG Systems in 2000 and has authored numerous articles and books on health and safety.

After selling his business in 2009, he trained to become a medical doctor and has developed a particular interest in health and well being. At Fluto Jez plays a key role in new business development.

Nick Young:

Nick Young

Nick Young (MSc) has a diverse background spanning Public Relations, IT and eCommerce. Having worked in a variety of small, medium and blue chip companies, Nick has developed expertise in online and offline marketing strategies.

Nick plays a lead role in strategy development with Fluto.

Our Values

Fluto is a company dedicated to providing customers with more than just a product. We promise to give you the very best information, support and aftercare on what we believe is some of the best ergonomic equipment available. Our information is backed up by a team of Chartered Physiotherapists and Clinical Scientists who are at the forefront of ergonomic sitting research and practice.

We have a wide range of ergonomic chairs, desks and accessories and whilst they all look fantastic, certain chairs are far better suited to specific types of work environments and individual requirements. Because of this we encourage anyone visiting the site to take us up on a free telephone consultation service. During this consultation a qualified Chartered Physiotherapist will take you through all your questions and help you work out what equipment would be most suitable for your needs. If you already have a quote but want to check you have got the very best possible price, then contact us to find out how we can configure your options to find the very best prices for you.

In a crowded industry with lots of so called “back pain experts”, we have been very fortunate to work with incredibly generous customers and health care professionals who continue to spread the good work about our service. We regularly work with a variety of companies ranging from individual home workers to large corporations.

A sample of clients that we work with from different sectors: