Salli Chair FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the Salli Chair

Can I try a Salli Saddle Chair for free?

Yes. If you would like to try the chairs for free all you need to do is to make a free appointment at our sitting clinic. For more information on the location of our building and what we do at the clinic, please click here

Will I have to pay a delivery charge for my Salli Chair?

No, we do not charge delivery costs.

How do I know what is included in the price of the Salli Chair?

Each item will have a product listing that will list exactly what is included in the price.

Why is choosing the right type of office seating important?

A large number of people spend a significant proportion of their day sitting. It is very important, therefore, that you sit in the best position possible in order to reduce the risk of back pain and other posture related injuries. More importantly, comfortable seating will make your day more pleasant and help keep you focused on your work.

What colours does the Salli Chair come in?

There is a range of fabrics and colours. For a full list of colours and fabrics, please see individual products.

What size should I go for?

There are 3 sizes based on your height. The three options that you can choose from include:

  • Short: Suitable for users under 160cm tall
  • Medium: Suitable for users between 160-180cm tall
  • Large: Suitable for users over 180cm tall

Please note that when you click on your product you will be able to indicate your choice of size from a drop down box.

What other accessories can I get?

There are a range of accessories that can be fitted. Please note that not all accessories fit to all chairs and so it is worth looking at the accessory page for more information.

Can you deliver abroad?

Yes. We can deliver to some countries abroad. If you would like the item delivered to you in any country (apart from the UK) simply tell us where you want your delivery by emailing us. As soon as we receive the email, we will give you a full quote for the seat and the cost of the delivery as well as an estimated delivery time.

How do the chairs feel to start with?

If you are used to sitting on a standard office chair, the new seat may require a short period of adjustment over a number of days. This adjustment period is necessary, simply because the new sitting position will change the way your joints and soft tissue are aligned and the way your postural muscles are working.

Why does the seat have split seating?

A number of the seats, including the Twin, Multiadjuster and Swing, have a split seat option. Basically, this means that the seat-top has been split into two parts. This option has been designed to provide more space for the genitals, in order to maintain better circulation in the area and make sitting more comfortable.

How long does the warranty last?

The warranty is as follows: All components have a warranty of 10 years except for the tilt mechanisms, castors, back support and elbow supports which are under warranty for 5 years. The accessories are under warranty for two years.